Where the Road Ends

This one is so old I had to dig it off an angelfire site. You heard me. I taught myself HTML and thought that frames were the coolest fucking thing. I was trying to be as awesome as my best friend, Brittany (spoiler alert: not possible. too awesome). Just as a tangent, bitch is impressive. She plays piano and sax, sometimes practicing clarinet until she feels bad for her neighbors. We are both singers and embarrassingly used to do karaoke at our old campground for tips. That one time. We each earned enough for a 20oz soda, so we must’ve done something right.
The song came about in high school when a friend emailed a bunch of us an invite to a party (possibly birthday, can’t remember why but didn’t/couldn’t? go.). He attached an MS Paint map of his neighborhood as directions with a big arrow to his house. Sitting at my computer looking it over, I popped open a word doc and spat this out. It actually does have a tune in my head – I attached a rough version, special delivery from Sound Recorder. You’ll get the gist.
The Lyrics!
Now I can see this, we’re at an end
I know it now, I’ll never see you again
And you’ll show up with all your trends
Map in hand, point out where the road bends
And where the road ends
You can tell, you know this well
You can jazz it up but it won’t sell
It’s just your shell
And I will give you time to fill that space
Wherever you go, wherever you are, yet in that place
In that time and in that day
You’re driving alone, the only way
You empty it out to your only friend
And everyone will follow you to where the road ends
Where the road ends, oh I can see it all
Love and hate, trip and fall
What is love, what is love without a soul
To hold you down, to keep you here ’til you grow old
Oh, I can see it all, we’re at an end
I know it now, I’ll never see you again
And you’ll show up with all your trends that are your friends
Map in hand, point out where the road bends
And where the road ends

New & Untitled

This is brand new tonight and I have to post it before I edit it anymore. I was recently reading an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert (saw it shared by Amanda Palmer), and she said editing line by line is a time-waster. Of course, she writes in a much longer format that I envy. But maybe it’ll be good advice for a someday novel.
The article: Galleycat Elizabeth Gilbert Interview
No title yet and I’d welcome suggestions.
The Lyrics!
When I take these aimless rides on my own
Everywhere I go the streets have the same name
If I turn down the right road maybe you’ll still be home
I flip through the pictures where the faces are familiar
But no one looks how I recall
It’s almost impossible not to feel bitter
When they’ve put out the lights in the dance hall
I have to remind myself on these occasions
I’m the one riding the selfsame train
I’m the one stuck at the stations
I don’t think so much about what’s coming
But concern myself with what’s went
I check each stop & think where have you gone
Reminded life’s no recurring event
Can’t everyone else be twenty-one in an instant
Back in the bar with our friends
Or is time too great a distance
Instead of catching you all at the show
The venue is empty again
Time to walk back to the train, maybe I’ll
See you on the streets of Boston

House of Cards

These are newer lyrics, if the title didn’t give me away. I was watching a lot of Netflix and wrote it in one sitting because I got lucky as hell. I’ve also got it bad for Kevin Spacey. Case in point:

OK, maybe not case in point. But yup, that does it for me.
The Lyrics!
I work to earn my way back in your good grace
Feel this and reveal this is the chance I take
It’s a skin I can’t shed or want to separate
I’d lay my hand in yours if I wasn’t tempting fate
And oh, the moments where I fixate
Maybe I’ve imagined it
These slights aren’t meant to alienate
Unless it’s just me you isolate
This limb I’m on, well I’m bracing myself
Because thinking of you doesn’t help
It’s a house of cards on the verge of collapse
I huff you puff expand retract
Awaiting the inevitable attack
And after the fallout tiptoe around the scattered suits
I suppose turning our heads is the best thing we could do
For you
Am I faking this minefield we’re treading upon
Was I mistaken and misheard the song
If there’s been a knife in your back all along
Why did we spend all that time alone
If I could stop this leaning towards overreaction
I’d simply confess a growing attraction
Scared witless of our next transaction
Keeping me on this path of inaction
This limb I’m on, well I’m bracing myself
Because falling alone is all I’ve ever been dealt
This house of cards on the verge of collapse
Will stay upright if I keep you under wraps
If I don’t ask you to love me back
And after the fallout tiptoe around the scattered suits
I suppose turning our heads is the best we could do
For you

It begins (and hopefully takes off)


Hello, musicians of the internet.

I feel like I’m a good lyricist. I have notebooks, word docs, sites, etc. full of lyrics for ddaayyss. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to find a melody, but it’s not terribly often. I should’ve paid more attention in music theory and guitar lessons. Really going to work on that someday.

For now, I figure if a lyricist who can only barely play an instrument exists, the opposite might be out there looking for me. And, I’m sure, there are more like me around these parts and vice versa.

With whatever frequency my creativity lets me muster, I’m going to try to post some of my favorite original lyrics. If you like them enough to be inspired to invent a new tune, record it and send it my way! If you decide to post it online, I’d love if you could tag it ‘willowdaisy.’ Mostly so I can revel in your awesome and find stuff easily.

This is strictly for fun, I’m not going to post anything without permission, nor am I aiming to take/record/own anything more than my own words. I’m just working the daily grind at a boring job and hoping to get my artistic fix in my downtime. Have fun with me!