Street & Gallery


I’m definitely guilty of scrolling past a video in my feed that is past a bizarre and arbitrary “time scale.” In retrospect, under 20 minutes doesn’t seem like much time but in the internet world it is an ice age-length. But this was like breakfast for my soul upon waking. Take the time.

Dioniso Punk

Borondo cov

The punk rock connection to graffiti is as strong as any subculture’s — or of any people who feel marginalized in effect or practice by the dominant culture preventing their voice. The narrative the graffiti belonging exclusively to Hip Hop has been posited and disproved over time although as Jesus said, “Graffitti belongs to everyone.”

Modern French academics and intellectuals have celebrated graffiti and Street Art by way of political protest at least since the late 1960s and early 70s, first with the Situationists and later with the aesthetics and artistry of people like Ernest Pignon-Ernest and Gérard Zlotykamien.

In “Street & Gallery” we see that the need for expression, illegal and otherwise, is as urgent as ever in the Street Art scene in Rome today and for many it is a means to express opinions and philosophies that they hope will in turn push greater society forward in some…

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