spit it out


first post from my phone. i am avoiding all responsibility because my body has stopped functioning properly from stress. i had to take a minute to do some blood-letting aka writing.

it’s been over six months since i last posted but at least this time i’ve been continuously capturing my writing snippets. this one spit itself out this morning because my brain couldn’t process anything until i got it out of me. i’m still not okay but fuck it. i will be again someday.

the lyrics

i’m wide-eyed oblivious
no, it’s not obvious
i can’t read into anything because i read into everything

spell it out for me

it’s dangerous
you’re contagious
the spectrum i’m running it’s running away with my well being

this time
it’s not right
but my body it screams every day
to find
the time
some tucked away corner
in my mind
where we
can hide

here i was hoping
heart expanding, contracting
toss turning because i can’t get to sleep

here i was wanting
here i am fading
from living off what you allow me to keep

i can’t sleep

spit it out
spit it out
spit it out
spit it out
spit it out
spit it out
spit it out


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