It begins (and hopefully takes off)


Hello, musicians of the internet.

I feel like I’m a good lyricist. I have notebooks, word docs, sites, etc. full of lyrics for ddaayyss. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to find a melody, but it’s not terribly often. I should’ve paid more attention in music theory and guitar lessons. Really going to work on that someday.

For now, I figure if a lyricist who can only barely play an instrument exists, the opposite might be out there looking for me. And, I’m sure, there are more like me around these parts and vice versa.

With whatever frequency my creativity lets me muster, I’m going to try to post some of my favorite original lyrics. If you like them enough to be inspired to invent a new tune, record it and send it my way! If you decide to post it online, I’d love if you could tag it ‘willowdaisy.’ Mostly so I can revel in your awesome and find stuff easily.

This is strictly for fun, I’m not going to post anything without permission, nor am I aiming to take/record/own anything more than my own words. I’m just working the daily grind at a boring job and hoping to get my artistic fix in my downtime. Have fun with me!